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Rogue Valley Web Designers

We are Noel & Ann, a couple homesteading in Southern Oregon. We specialize in website design for people who are doing good for the world – farmers, artists, healers, environmental advocates, and community organizations.

We also have a passion for homesteading. We are a unique combination of earth-minded & tech-savvy and it’s what makes us a dynamic and versatile team.

Our Services


We design, build, and customize an online store that fits your specific product and service needs.


We offer tools to create and nurture your membership base so you can deliver quality service to your community.

Online Education

We’ll help you set up and manage your online education website and launch new courses with confidence and ease.

Our Clients Say

Ann and Noel at Idyllwild have been remarkably supportive and skillful at assisting me and my business with a wide variety of web design, layout, app integration, coding and other hurdles that we’ve encountered. They were not only helpful but did so in a kind, graceful and reassuring fashion. Their help is definitely a contributing factor in the success of my online seed company.

Don Tipping

Williams, Oregon

I am so grateful for Ashland Consciousness Medicine’s website. We discussed the look, feeling, and imagery I envisioned…and they manifested it! Like a dream come real, literally. They listened deeply to me, and were efficient in communication: sparing and timely. I am proud of the site, and feel it gives my clients a good sense of the ‘ethos’ I want to convey with my work.

Ian Luepker

Ashland, Oregon

WONDERFUL! It looks fantastic!! I am so excited! Thanks to you both for all your time, skills, and patience with us. The site loads much faster than before and it looks great. Thank you again for all your work and patience in working with us to get this project done.

Joy Rogalla & Annette Parsons

Applegate, Oregon

Ann and Noel are a delight to work with. We’ve been working with them for over three years and we are so grateful to have them in our team. They are profoundly knowledgeable and reliable. Any time an issue comes up on our website, we have a new offering to launch, or we’re simply wanting to innovate, they’re there to help. Our website and online presence is thriving, in large part, because of this incredible duo. They’re responsive, on top of things, and able to help you through any roadblock. Communication is clear, easy and, frankly, delightful. In many ways they have become a part of our business family. Not only are they amazing at what they do, but they are truly wonderful human beings. We highly recommend them and their work.

Asia Suler & Aleli Lauria

Marshall, North Carolina

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