A Fall Flower Styled Shoot with Flora

For Noel and I, having direct connection to our local farmers and growers is one of the primary reasons we chose to make southern Oregon our home. Which is why as soon as we got here, we made it a point to get to know our community. Luckily, that’s quite easy to do in a small town. From a local email list (which endearingly posts as much about town hall meetings as about lost cows) to Sunday pancake breakfasts, there are many ways to get involved.

Being drawn to flowers, I sought out local flower farmers and came into contact with Stacey of Flora, who happens to be a brilliant farmer florist located in Williams. Our friendship quickly blossomed over our shared passion of flowers. Between my background in photography and Stacey’s gorgeous farm-grown flowers that begged to be showcased, we naturally found many opportunities to collaborate.

Above is one of our more recent collabs featuring flowers Stacey grew and arranged as well as ribbons she hand-dyed. That beautiful location is Seven Seeds Farm, where Stacey grows flower seeds (she really does it all!) for Siskiyou Seeds. If you happen to be in southern Oregon in the summer time, visiting Siskiyou Seeds is a total treat. Walking through Stacey’s dahlia (those huge pink and orange blooms you see in the photos) field is a dream! Siskiyou Seeds holds a few public events a year including farm tours and tastings. Sign up to their newsletter to get in the know.

A fun tidbit about this photoshoot: this is actually the first photoshoot I’ve done since River was born, so I was carrying him in a wrap as I took these photos. He wasn’t happy about it but I really cherished the ability to be with my child while doing what I love.

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