Farm Photos and Styled Shoot with Waterleaf Farm

Sweet, easy going, down to earth – these are some the words that come to mind when I photographed Melanie at Waterleaf Farm in Ashland, and they also happen to be words I’d use to describe my ideal client. Melanie is all these things on top of being a talented flower farmer, a floral designer, and so much more.

I met Melanie on Instagram and soon after we met up for coffee. I brought River with me and the moment he saw her, he lit up with smiles and giggles. We chatted well over an hour about Melanie’s vision for Waterleaf Farm and the whole time River sat with us cheerfully smiling at Melanie and me. I think babies are very sensitive to energy (which is why I love to bring him along to meetings and social outings) and Melanie has a warm aura that both River and I liked immediately.

My photoshoot with Melanie, which also included River, was likewise easy-going and natural. We often joked and laughed while taking the photos and as a result, there is a naturalness to the images.

While Waterleaf is relatively new to the area – Melanie started flower farming in Ashland in July of last year – she’s already hitting the ground running with a u-pick flower offering as well farm workshops, and flower essences. I’m really excited for Melanie. I think she’s got some great ideas and I look forward to seeing her business take flight in the next couple years.

Both Noel and I truly enjoy supporting businesses that are early in their journey. As dreamers ourselves, we like to help people achieve their dreams. We know all too well what it’s like to build a business brick by brick (some of which do fall off sometimes) and over time, we’ve learned to enjoy the journey as much as the destination.


  1. Beautiful! Beautiful! And unexpected pleasure to start this day. A heartfelt thank you to Melanie. You are one courageous lady. Thank you for persevering to bring us all your gift. And thank you to Ann for these “capture it perfectly” photos. Elizabeth Anderson

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