Floral Design Workshops

I had the honor of teaching several floral design workshops at Spirit Weavers Gathering 2019. Focusing on dried flowers, most of which were grown in our garden and sourced from local growers, I taught the basics of making floral crowns and wreaths.

We explored the colorful world of dried flowers, from seed to bloom. I shared my knowledge of how to grow and naturally preserve flowers and how to arrange them using a wire wrapping technique. Each student got to choose their own choice of flowers.

From rainbows to monochromatic to wild and unstructured, I was impressed by everyone’s unique work of art. I loved watching each person’s creativity bloom as they wrestled through the challenges of working with dried flowers and finished triumphantly with their spectacular pieces.

For inquiries about future workshops or to create your own private workshop, please feel free to contact me: ann@idyllwildstudio.com.