Our Story

Idyllwild is the co-creation of Noel Ruiz and Ann Nguyen and is intended as a home for our combined creative endeavors and a way to share our design projects as well as our homesteading adventures.

We began our careers in the corporate world and a few years ago, we left it all behind for a simpler, slower way of living. As we “disconnected” from our previous lives, we began to thrive in ways we didn’t think was possible. We became more fulfilled, more at peace, more hopeful, more giving, and more compassionate.

Our blog, which is mostly written by Ann, is meant to share through photographs and stories, the value of living closer to nature and of choosing community over commerce.

A couple years ago, Ann had the serendipitous fortune of becoming an apprentice at Camp Joy Gardens, where she learned how to garden and how to grow food and flowers.

During those days watching the dew rising from the gardens, picking plums from the goat shed roof, making impromptu bouquets, dreaming under the redwood canopy, and swimming in the neighborhood creek, she learned something else.

She learned the value of beauty and how beauty comes softly into our lives and transforms us.

Since then, she has become devoted to cultivating beauty in her life.

In future posts, she’ll share both practical gardening how-to’s and inspirations for how to create a more verdant, beautiful world. It doesn’t have to be complicated and much of it really starts from the heart, from a place of deep appreciation and love of plants.

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