Southern Oregon Flower Farmers

Le Mera Gardens, Talent, Oregon

Petal and Seed Farm, Ashland, Oregon

Wizard’s Way Flower Farm, Ashland, Oregon

Flora Farm, Williams, Oregon

Did you know that 80% of flowers sold in the US are imported (National Geographic 2017)? Through showcasing four woman-runned flower farms in Southern Oregon, we hope to inspire more connection with the farmers who are helping to transform the flower industry by offering local, seasonal, organically grown alternatives.

The Southern Oregon Flower Farmer is a photography exhibit that is displayed at different locations throughout Southern Oregon with the purpose of educating the public about the importance of locally grown flowers.

The exhibit was shown at Rogue Roasters in Grants Pass. It is currently at Sakana in Ashland and will be at the Medford Food Co-op in May.

Flower Farmers (in order of appearance):

Joan Thorndike, Le Mera Gardens & Fry Family Farm, Talent &

Lucy Whitridge, Petal and Seed Farm, Ashland

Carly Waddell, Wizards Way Farm, Ashland

Stacey Denton, Flora Farm, Williams