Request For Proposal: Web Design

Thanks for consider Idyllwild for your website needs! If you’d like us to submit a proposal for your website project, this questionnaire is a great place to start the conversation. If you’d rather get to know us first or ask a specific question you can send us an email on our contact page.

Please fill out the required fields (denoted by red asterisks *) and provide any additional information that is important for us to know. We look forward to getting to know you and your website goals!

If you already have a website.
Is this a new brand or pre-existing? How do you want your brand/website perceived by your audience?
If you don't have a budget yet, a range or maximum can still be helpful.
Range of acceptable timelines if applicable.
3-5 examples are usually sufficient. Please note what you like and don't like about the examples you provide in regards to layout, color, design, features, structure, mood, etc. The more specific you can be here, the better. They do not necessarily have to be in your industry.
More specificity is helpful, however noting any uncertainty, and why, is also helpful in letting us know where to make recommendations.
e.g. popup email subscribe CTA, contact forms, blog/news, newsletter signup, recipes, social media feeds, etc). The more details you provide here about your assumptions, the better.
e.g. video on homepage, image slideshow on product pages, images in blog, etc.